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Random Word, Feeling question - that of grain, of which grows phantasm. Neither the director nor script. Only the total breath. One breath on stage and in the auditorium. Laughter, Sadness, Waiting - breath. The gesture, dialogue, plot - exhale. Phantasm.

For the first time the term was introduced by Theodore Tsigenom in 1906. Observed in people with well-developed imagination. It comes from the inability to distinguish early childhood real objects and fictional. Explicitly seen most often in children (eg, the child came up the ghost, and now fears his imagination). However, adults can also pursue all sorts of fantasies. In some cases, fantasies can bring to delusional states.

Our theater group is a permanent acting experiment. We are open for penetration into the inner kitchen - sometimes we hold open rehearsals, which can come spectators. And during the performances we cultivate the action scenes from the micro-hooks, which we also suggest the audience. So we get together spectator-actor dialogue. Come to us to participate in this process.
Cast & Creative
In the role of himself is Smile Theatre newcomer, David Michael Moote. David is a McGill voice performance graduate who spends his days singing in a rock cover band, writing and recording original music.
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